who we are

Gaza Center for Media Freedom

Gaza Center for media freedom is an independent center that monitors, follows and documents all violations against press freedom in Palestine and It aims to contribute the development of the capabilities of Palestinian journalists, journalistic institutions and Local media in  Palestinian territories through training, development and It provides financial, logistical, legal and moral assistance.


Fields of work of the Center

First: Training and development includes:

Training Journalists who working in local media institutions in the fields of written, electronic, TV, radio and new media (Social Media)

Rehabilitating and assistance for graduates of journalism and media colleges to enter the labor market.

Developing the abilities of professional and technical of journalists and enhance their awareness in field of media freedoms thus contributing to the quality of the press.


Secondly, monitoring the violations includes:

Issuing an annual report of violations against journalists and freedom of the press in Palestine and announced at an annual conference.

Preparing studies, research, data and reports that monitor violations of media freedom and provide information and details about them.

Conducting opinion polls on media and public freedom.

Producing documentary films on the conditions of freedom of media.

Set up photo galleries to promote media freedom.




Providing operational budget for the center(Current expensesand Workers payroll)

Providing budget for activities, events, studies and periodic and annual reports.


Emergency, financial , logistical , finance and legal assistance to the families of martyrs journalists and wounded press and media institutions that need support in Gaza, beside development and training contributions.


One of the most prominent achievements of the Center:

- Executing 3 annual conferences to announce the annual report on violations against media freedom.

-Issuing 3 annual reports on violations against media freedom.

Training more than 400 journalists until this moment.-

Conducting two photo exhibitions about violations against media freedom.-

producing three documentaries about violations against freedom of expression.-

- Providing  treatment for almost 6 journalists after their injuries during their media coverage.