Gaza Centre:44 Israeli and Palestinian violation during January 2017


Gaza Centre:44 Israeli and Palestinian violation during January 2017


 With the beginning of 2017 Israeli authorities continued its aggression against Palestinian journalists in the Palestinian territories. Gaza Center for Media Freedom recorded   (44) violation cases, 35 of the cases were committed by the Israeli Authorities and the other 9 were committed by the local governments in the west Bank and Gaza strip.

 The Israeli violation cases as following :

- the detentions of  (9) Journalists : Muthana Rooster, Amon El-sheikh, Hisham Abu Shaqra, Mashhour Al-wahwah, Mahmoud Alian, and four of the crew of the Palestine TV" in the West Bank.

- Beating  5 journalists twice, the journalists are Muthana Al Deek ,  Amon sheikh, Mohammad Shusha, and Shadi Hatem,

- One case of Gas bomb attacking the journalist Maqbola Nassar car.

- Two injury cases for the journalists George Dabas and Muthana El-Deek.

- 4 breaking into cases, two for printing presses " Al-Nour" and "Al-Qasem" for media and advertisement. And one for the house of the journalist Mohamed Al-Qeqq , and the house of the journalist Sabri Jibril where they put surveillance cameras inside the house

- two cases of breaking and confiscation of the equipment. Breaking Muthana Al Deek’s camera, and  confiscating the machines and computers of "Al-Nour" printing press.

The Palestinian violation cases are as following:


Gaza Centre recorded 9 violations.

-     4 cases were committed by local authorities in West bank.

-     5 cases were committed in Gaza strip.









The details of violation cases as following:


Israeli violations:


1/1/2017:Israeli occupation Court renewed  the detention of journalist Omar Nizal, member of the General Secretariat of the journalists association for the fifth time.


3/1/2017: The Israeli occupation forces detained journalist Muthana Al Deek, a cameraman for  "TRANS media" company for three hours and  beating him during covering the accident north of  Jenin.


 3/1/2017: the Israeli Knesset ratified a law allowing the courts to remove and to delete the pages of inciting considers on the social communication and allowed the police to detain the publisher and brought him to trial.


5/1/2017:  Israeli occupation forces detained the crew of Palestine TV on a barrier "Tiasir"east of Toubas  in  West Bank and the military union  was called to intervene.


5/1/2017:  the Israeli occupation forces attacked the journalist Amoon El sheikh the reporter for "Palestine today " channel while he is covering a demonstration against the settlement in the  Vallies areas.


 5/1/2017: Israeli occupation forces attacked severely beating the journalist Muthana Al Deek, a cameraman for the "TRANS media"and destroyed his camera,while  he is covering a demonstration against the settlement in the Vallies  area, which resulted in his injury .


10/1/2017:  Israeli occupation forces detained four journalist from the crew of “Palestine TV” and their equipments  for half an hour nearby the settlement "Kiryat Arbaa".

 10/1/2017: Israeli occupation forces detained photographer Mashour El-Wahwah for "Wafa agency" for half an hour nearby the settlement of Kiryat Arbaa".

10/1/2017:The Court of the Israeli occupation had delayed the trial of the journalist Faisal al-Rifai, to March 2017, to have an investigation  of the charges against him "induction on Facebook".

10/1/2017:Israeli occupation forces prevented the photographer Mohammad Radi and the  reporter Ali dar Ali in “Palestine TV”  from coverage the  breaking into the eastern lane in Hazma village  in Ramallah.

15/1/2017: Israeli occupation forces detained for the second time the  journalist Mohamed El-Qeeq the reporter of "Al Majd channel" on a military block nearby the entrance of Ramallah, and he had a hunger strike for 86 days in protest against his administrative detention for the first time.

16/01/2017: Israeli occupation forces had put  surveillance cameras inside the house of journalist Sabri Jibril from Bethlehem during  breaking into his home and inspect it.


18/01/2017 the management of social communication "Facebook" deleted "page 48 newsletter” on the pretext of publishing " inductive posts ".


19/01/2017: Israeli occupation court extended the detention of journalist Mohamed |El-Qeeq  for 72 hours under the pretext of "Preparing list of indictments" according to the Military Public Prosecutor request.

20/01/2017:  Israeli occupation forces detained journalist Hisham Abu Shaqra photographer of "Al Anadol Agency" and violating him by paying  "250 shekels" under the pretext of walking on foot to reach  to the  the popular resistance efficiency, and he did not own a driver license or a vehicle.

 20/1/2017: Israeli occupation forces attacked  on the cameramanof the  Jordanian  channel "Roaia" Mohamed Shusha and  the  photographer of "Raya Radio" Shadi Hatem beating and kicking team during the  coverage of effectiveness in the village "Bab Al Shams" and preventing them from photography and coverage.

22/1/2017: Journalist George debis  photographer of " AlArz  Studio" media services injuried by a rubber bullet in the chest during covering a demonstration in the village of Arara southeast of Al-Nasra.

22/1/2017: The free journalist Maqbola  Nassar car was hit by sound bomb during their coverage of a demonstration in the village of Arara southeast of Nasra  under the protest against the demolition of homes in the village of Umm al Hayran in Naqab Desert.

25/1/2017:Israeli occupation forces detained photographer  of "Associated Press Agency" Mahmoud Ali Alian during covering the killing of a young Palestinians by the occupation army at Mukhmas village southeast of Jerusalem and deleted the pictures  from the camera then they  released few hours  later.


25/1/2017:Israeli occupation forces broke into the  journalist Mohamed El-Qeeq house  in Ramallah and  called his wife Faihaa Shalash to investigate with her.


1/30/2017:Israeli occupation forces broke into printing press "Al-Nour" for media and advertisment in Ramallah, and stole the  machines and computers.


1/30/2017:Israeli occupation forces broke into printing press "Al Qasem" for media and advertisment in Ramallah, and closed it.


1/31/2017:   Israeli occupation court extended the administrative detention against the journalist Nidal Abu Akr the broadcaster of  "Al-Wehda Radio " for six months.



Palestinian violations cases:


1/1/2017:  Security authorities in Ramallah in the West Bank had  investigated with the journalist Musab al-Saeed the reporter of  "Turkish TRT Agency ",  and  it was an  investigation on his work.


11/1/2017: The Security power  detained  the journalist Imad Abu Awwad from  "Jerusalem channel" by the charge of" the receipt of funds from the Hamas Movement", and he declared his hunger strike.


12/1/2017: The security power  in the Gaza Strip attacked  each of the photographer Mohammad  El-Baba from "the French Agency", the photographer Faris Al Ghoul from  "Associated Press Agency" with beating , during their coverage  to an demonstration against  the power authority .


 15/1/2017: the security power  in Gaza Strip summonded the  journalist Ahmad Saeed the broadcaster of "Al Shaab Radio " to investigate with him.



15/1/2017: the security power in the Gaza Strip detained  the photographer Guevara Safadi from "Al-Watanya Agency for media", and his assistant Yacoub Saqr for two hours during their coverage of the demonstration against the power authority.


24/1/2017:  security power in Bethlehem in the West Bank detained  the journalist Islamabad Zaal Salem the reporter of  "Bethlehem news network  ", after being summoned for an interview in the centre of military intelligence.


1/31/2017: The Solh  Court in  Nablus in the West Bank  postponed  the trial of the writer, Abdul Sattar Qassem, professor of political science at Al Najah University to 28 March2017, for defamation to high positions  and spreading fake news".


Gaza Center for Media Freedom  confirms about the  reporting  all violations and all kinds of  abuses  against the freedom of the media and journalists in Palestine; in particular, the continuous violations of Israeli authorities. The centre  condemns all violations and abuses against journalists and media institutions, and  expresses its worries  about  the continued  violations of  Israeli occupation, and  it is a danger on the  journalists and  their freedom of movement  which requires from all  international and Palestinian  human rights institutions  and  media  to make a  serious move  to stop targeting and abuse policy.


As the center calls the international community to the  immediate interfere to cease their violations against journalists and press institutions  in Palestine. The centre calls for an immediate release of all detained journalists and stop the summoning  and investigation. The Center stated that it is necessary to  respect all the international Law conventions which  related  to the freedom of media and to  respect the  article (19) of the International Declaration of Human Rights.



Gaza Center for Media Freedom always seeks to promote the right of  free media and the right of obtaining  information freely in Palestine. The centre  insures its commitment to the defense of the rights of journalists and standing committee for the growth of  development and professional performance and prospects of Palestinian journalists, and stresses  its efforts to continue of support to  the Palestinian press and media institutions  and  the new media  through training and development programs and legal assistance, financial, logistical. Noted that  the Center is independent and  nonprofit institution  works  for the freedom and quality of media in Palestine.