Gaza centre: Israeli and Palestinian violations during February, 2107

Gaza centre: Israeli and Palestinian violations  during February, 2107


Gaza_(5/3/2017)_ Gaza centre for media freedom recorded a decreasing of violations cases compares with the last month. The centre recorded 28 violations , 21 violations were committed by Israeli occupation  forces while  7 violations were committed by the Palestinian parties .

As it have been recorded of violations ,the deterioration health of the journalist prisoner Mohammed El Qeeq who has a hunger strike since 26 day in the protest of his detention .The centre documented the detention for 4 journalists and the judge of detention for Mohammed El Qeeq and Mustafa El Azari ,delaying the trial of Al Aqsa channel reporters, sending Mohammed Al Qeeq into a solitary, summoning the journalist Imad Abu Awad ,and installing the administrative detention of Mohammed Al Qeeq.

It also recorded the injury for four journalists, the attack for the political activist Fared Al Atrash, and breaking into four journalists houses.

It was stated that there are 23 journalist are being oppressing in the Israeli prisons and there is another detention for six journalist without any charge. Also for the prisoners journalists who are still under the suspending waiting the judge.

As for the Palestinian violations to the freedom of media ,the centre recorded seven violations in the west bank.


The details of violation cases as following:

Israeli violations

6/2/2017: the Israeli occupation court judge of the administrative detention for Mohammed Al Qeeq, and he declared his open hunger strike protesting to this judge.

 8/2/2017: the journalist Zaher Abu hussen was injured after the attack by group of settlers on the road parallel to Ofra settlement east of Ramallah. 

8/2/2017: Mohammed Al Qeeq was send to solitary after his declaration to his open hunger strike refusing  that judge.




9/2/2017: the Israeli occupation court retreat the judge of Al Qeeq administrative detention from 6 months to three ,while he continued his open hunger strike.

10/2/2017: Nedal Ishteh the photographer of the Chinese agency (Chenkho) was injured by a rubber bullet in his foot while covering the weekly marching of Cafer Qdom against the settlements and separation wall.

10/2/2017: the journalist Ayman Nobani the photographer of Wafa Agency was injured by a tear gas bomb shoot by the Israeli army, while he is covering  the  Cafer Qdom marching against the settlements and separation wall.

14/2/2017: the Israeli occupation court judge on the freelancer journalist Saleh Al zaghri 8 months in prison in the charge of the instigation to violence and terror and supporting terrorist organization after he had posted pictures on the social media site "instagram".

14/2/2017: Israeli occupation forces detained the director and the actor Abdallah Enkheli after breaking into his house in Faqoaa villige north of west bank.

14/2/2017: Israeli occupation court delayed the trial of Al Aqsa channel reporters Mustafa El khawaja and Alaa Elteeti to 5 April 2017.

15/2/2017:Israeli occupation forces detained the freelancer journalist Homam Hantash 25 years after breaking into his  house and confiscated  his son’s cell phone without  reasons.

19/2/2017: the deterioration of Mohammed Al Qeeq health who started a hunger strike since 14 days protesting his administrative detention in a solitary  in bad conditions which he called a grave.

20/2/2017: Israeli occupation forces detained the journalist Mahmoud Saqer Aseeda after breaking into his house in Tal village north of West Bank , and they released him three months ago after 5 months of administrative detention, he spent them in Majedo and Naqab prison.

20/2/2017:Israeli occupation authorities summoned the journalist Imad Abu Awwad, the designer program of Al Quds Channel, after a telephone summoning to investigate with him.

21/2/2017: Israeli occupation authorities released the journalist Omar Nazal a member of the general security to the Palestinian journalists guild after a 10 months in detention.

24/2/2017: the journalist Imad Saeed the photographer of the international press agency (AP) was injured after Israeli occupation attacked on him while he is covering  a marching of the 23anniversary to El Ibrahimi Mosque massacre in Hebron.


24/2/2017: Israeli occupation forces assaulted the political activist Fareed Al Atrash, the chairman of the independent organization for human rights south of West Bank and attacked the journalist Muhammed Jaradat the photographer of Watan Channel while their covering to an demonstration in Hebron.

25/2/2017: Israeli occupation forces detained the activist journalist Abdallah Shatat after breaking into his house in Bdia village west Salfet in West Bank.

28/2/2017:Israeli occupation forces confirmed the administrative detention of Muhammed Al Qeeq for three months could be renewable.


Palestinian violations


2/2/2017: security authorities  in the West Bank detained the journalist Sami Al Saai, an editor in "Al Fagr Al Jadeed TV " after recalling  him to interview.

4/2/2017: security  authorities  in Ramallah, West Bank recalled Alaa Al Ramlawi the director of Al Quds TV, but he refused to the summoning decision.

5/2/2017: The Palestinian court in Tulkarem, West Bank  extended the detention of Sami Al Saai for 15 days.

6/2/2017: The Palestinian authorities in West bank confiscated all copies of " A crime in Ramallah novel" because includes impolite and immoral terms.

9/2/2017:The security authorities in West Bank, refused to release the journalist Sami Al Saai despite the release decision for him, and they transferred him to a prison in Jerico for another charge "communication with Gaza".

10/2/2017: The security authorities in Hebron, West Bank released the journalist Saeed Abu Jhesha after a 48 hour of detention.

19/2/2017: The family of the journalist Saeed Al Saai warned from his death as a result to the severe torture that he exposed to in the prisons in Jerico.

22/2/2017: The security authorities in West Bank released the journalist Saeed Al Saai the reporter of "AL Fagr Al Jadeed TV" after he had spent 20 days in Jerico prison in the charge of taking fund from abroad.





Gaza Center for Media Freedom reaffirms its commitment to documenting all forms of violations against media freedom and the  journalists in Palestine, especially the ongoing violations of the Israeli authorities, condemns all violations and abuses against journalists and media institutions. Gaza Center for Media Freedom greatly concern about the continuing and escalating violations of the Israeli occupation which is considered as real danger for the safety journalists and their lives and the freedom of movement and work.

The centre  requires from all Palestinians, international human rights organizations and media institutions to act effectively and seriously  in order to stop targeting policy, prosecution and violations against journalists. Gaza Center  also calls upon The international community to intervene immediately and put pressure on the occupation in order to stop their violations against journalists and media organizations in Palestine, and calls for the immediate release of all detained journalists and stop the summons and the illegal  investigation. Gaza Center reminds the necessity to respect all conventions of media freedom and respect and apply Article (19) of the International Declaration of Human Rights.

Gaza Center  always seeks to promote the right to free media  in Palestine, and to  reaffirms its commitment to the defense of the rights of journalists and standing committee for the development of capacities  and the professional performance  for the  Palestinian journalists, and  to support the Palestinian media institutions . The Center is independent and nonprofit works  for the freedom of media in Palestine.