Gaza centre:63 Israeli and Palestinian violations during March,2017


Gaza centre:63 Israeli and Palestinian violations during March,2017


Gaza(4/4/2017) The largest number of violations against the journalists in Palestinian territories recorded in the last March since the earlier 2017.Gaza centre for media freedom recorded 63 violations,45 violations were committed by Israeli occupied forces and 18 violations were committed by the Palestinian parties in Gaza strip and the West Bank.

The most prominent violations are 8 detention cases four of them remain arrested, 8 attack cases, 6 breaking into cases by Israeli occupied forces. Whereas the Palestinian parties committed 17 violations in the West Bank and one violation in Gaza Strip. The most prominent the attack against 7 journalist including 5 summoning cases and two detention cases .

Violation details as the following

Israeli violation cases as following:

1/3/2017:Israeli occupied court delayed the trial of Fesal Al Rifai to 19/3/2017 under the protest  incitement on facebook, and it was delayed four times since his release on 14/8/2017 after 34 day of detention.

1/3/2017:Israeli occupied forces broken into Ibn Khaldon printing press ,destroying its equipments , and confiscating its machinery and archive.

2/3/2017: Israeli occupied forces broken into Dhaisha printing press in Betlehem camp confiscating and destroying its equipment.

3/3/2017: Israel settlers attack a group  of journalist by beating them in their weekly marching in the pretest of confiscating their land for the settlement interest, among them the journalist Rasha Haraz Allah and the photographer Hamza Shalash from Wafa Agency , Abas Almomeny from French Agency AFP, Majdi Ishteh from Associated Agency AP ,Saleh Hamad from AlAnadol Agency, Mohammed Turkman from Ruetrs Agency, and Isam Alremawi from AlHayah Al jadeda journal.

3/3/2017: Ahmed Shawr a Palestine TV reporter was injured during the Israeli occupied oppression against Kafr Alqdom non violent weekly  marching  anti settlement asking to open the valley road which was closed since 14 day.



5/3/2017: Israeli occupied court  sentenced the journalist Hommam Alateli 30 month with paying “two thousand shekels” around 500 $ as a fine under the pretest of participating in the occupation resistance and belonging to Hamas movement .

7/3/2017: Israeli occupied forces detained the journalist Mohammed Albatrokh reporter for "Ahdath Felistin network" on Ofra military barrier nearby Ofra settlement in Ramallah.

11/3/2017: Israeli occupied forces detained the novelist author Khalida Ghwisha in front of her house in Jerusalem, under the argument of provoking in her novel for killing collaborators with Israeli Authority "Masyda ibn Awa" (wolf’s trap). She released after baying  10 thousands shekels fine till the court judge.

12/3/2017:Israeli occupied forces detained the journalist Mosab Saeed after breaking into and damaging  his house in Ramallah without knowing the detention causes.

13/3/2017: Israeli occupied forces arrested the journalist Mohammed Abd Rbo, a Palestine TV reporter few hours  on Beit Eil barrier to insure from identity card because an Israeli recruit pretended that it is fake. They sent him to "Adam" settlement police centre and seized his vehicle, then they released them after few hours.

14/3/2017:Israeli occupied forces broken into the journalist house Ali Al Awiwi the broadcaster of Rabaa Radio in Hebron, they handed him a notice to investigate with him in Israeli intelligence on 21/3/2017.

15/3/2017: Israeli occupation extended the detention of the journalist Mohammed AlBatrokh "Ahdath Falstine Network" reporter for the third time respectively claiming that there are 40 post on Facebook  incited to terrorism by praising the martyrs. his trail was delayed to Sunday 19 Mar 2017.

15/3/2017: Israeli occupation forces arrested the journalist  Samah Duek " Al Quds News Network" reporter, after breaking into her house. Then they transferred her to "Al Masqobia police centre" in Jerusalem, and they confiscated her cell phone  and some certificates .She had a investigation for few hours then they released her.

15/3/2017: The general broadcasting institution "Israeli Kan" banned the journalist Samah Watd to work until further notice due to a tweet on twitter, they described it "support the terrorists".

18/3/2017: The journalist mashour Al Wahwah was injured by a gas bomb while he is covering the confrontation during the martyr Murad Abu Ghazi funeral who was killed by Israeli occupation forces.

19/3/2017: Israeli occupation court delayed the trail of the journalist Mohammed Al Batrokh to 21/3/2017  for the fourth time respectively. They condemned him by inciting people through social media by collect 25 post incite to terrorism.



19/3/2017: Israeli occupation court delayed the trial of the journalist Feisal Al Refaai to 19 May 2017 under the charge that inciting on Facebook.

23/3/2017: Israeli occupation forces broken into both sections of "Al Nahda printing press " in Tulkarem and Shuka  suburb. They confiscated checks, printer panels, books, and hard disks .

23/3/2017: Israeli occupation forces attacked the journalist Raed Abu Irmela who works in "B Tasleem " institution for human rights, while he is covering incidents in the old village in Al Khalil.

23/3/2017: Israeli occupation court extended the detention of the journalist Mosaab Saeed three times respectively, and there is no charge against him.

23/3/2017: Israeli occupation forces arrested the journalist Yosif Shalbi, a released prisoner and political detainee to Palestinian authority prisons for several times.

24/3/2017: The photographer of "associated Press AP" naser Al Shuokhi had a suffocation because Israeli forces launched a tear gaz bomb on a peaceful march in "Kafer Malek and Al Mghayar " villages east of Ramallah refusing to establish a settlement on mutual lands between both villages.

26/3/2017: Israeli occupation forces arrested the journalist Ayob Sawan, "Al Khalil news network reporter" On military barrel east of Qalqilia after stopping his car.

26/3/2017:Israeli occupation forces detained the journalist Raed Abu Irmela from Al khalil. They assaulted him by stripping him of his clothes then they released him.

27/3/2017: Israeli occupation forces broken into the Palestinian artist Osama nazal house and artist studio in kafr Nima village west of Ramallah. They damaged its contents and confiscated the paintings.

28/3/2017: Israeli occupation forces broken into the journalist Ayob Sawan house and confiscated his cell phone and laptop.

29/3/2017: Israeli occupation forces and some settlers banned several journalists to complete round in Tobas was organized by ministry of information in Nablus.








Palestinian violations:

6/3/2017: Security services in Betlehem, West Bank summoned the journalist Qutiba Qasem, and they investigated with him for three hours then they released him due to his health situation under the condition to return to investigation in 21/3/2017.

8/3/2017: Security services in Gaza strip sent a notice  to the journalist Mohammed Othman following a complaint by the director of charity accused him of defamation, after he published a corruption file in his page on facebook. He refused it because he is in Eygpt.

11/3/2017: Security services  in Hebron, West Bank arrested the journalist Loay Shalalda the director of media network in Hebron university. They released him after four days.

12/3/2017: Security services in Ramallah, West Bank attacked a number of journalists, with sticks, carnage and kicked and pushed and throw gas bombs smashing cameras during their coverage of the peaceful protest against the trial of the martyr Basil al-Araj, who was killed by  Israeli occupation forces, including Jihad Barakat a correspondent for "Palestine" channel, and Hafeth  Abu Sabra "Al Roaya channel reporter, Mervatt Sadef  "Aljazeera Net correspondent ", and activist Farid Al Atrash, Mohammad Shusha freelance photographer, Ahmad Melhem correspondent of "Watan Agency ".

19/3/2017: Security services in Tulkarem, West Bank arrested the journalist Sameh Manasra for eight hours in the general intelligence centre after summoning him.

21/3/2017:security services in Hebron, West Bank detained the journalist Amer Abu Arafa "Shehab news network photographer", they confiscated his laptop and cell phone . They accused him that he recorded a march to liberation party even he was not there, they released him in the same day of detention.

21/3/2017:security services in West Bank summoned the journalist Qutiba to complete investigation with him and they released him after few hours.

22/3/2017: Security services in Ramallah, West Bank summoned the journalist Mohammed Awad, and they investigated with him for one hour then he left .

27/3/2017: Security services in Hebron, West Bank summoned the journalist Mohammed Abu Ghesha a reporter to "Khalil Al Rahman Satellite", but he refused it.

28/3/2017: The Palestinian Magistrate's Court  in Nablus, West Bank postponed the trial of the author Abdel Sattar Qasem Professor of Political Science at An-Najah National University for "SNAPPED high shrines and propagating false news and undermine the prestige of the State" on the background of an interview via  Jerusalem Satellite TV .


28/3/2017: security services in Ramallah, West Bank detained the Media student Baraa judge who is working as a reporter for the news agency "Jerusalem", and investigated  with him on his media writings on "Facebook", and was released in the next day.

Gaza Center for Media Freedom reaffirms its commitment to documenting all forms of violations against media freedom and the  journalists in Palestine, especially the ongoing violations of the Israeli authorities, condemns all violations and abuses against journalists and media institutions. Gaza Center for Media Freedom greatly concern about the continuing and escalating violations of the Israeli occupation which is considered as real danger for the safety journalists and their lives and the freedom of movement and work.

The centre  requires from all Palestinians, international human rights organizations and media institutions to act effectively and seriously  in order to stop targeting policy, prosecution and violations against journalists. Gaza Center  also calls upon The international community to intervene immediately and put pressure on the occupation in order to stop their violations against journalists and media organizations in Palestine, and calls for the immediate release of all detained journalists and stop the summons and the illegal  investigation. Gaza Center reminds the necessity to respect all conventions of media freedom and respect and apply Article (19) of the International Declaration of Human Rights.


Gaza Center  always seeks to promote the right to free media  in Palestine, and to  reaffirms its commitment to the defense of the rights of journalists and standing committee for the development of capacities  and the professional performance  for the  Palestinian journalists, and  to support the Palestinian media institutions . The Center is independent and nonprofit works  for the freedom of media in Palestine.