On world Press Freedom day .. (182)violations since the beginning of 2017

On world Press Freedom day ..

 (182)violations since the beginning of 2017

Gaza(3/5/2017) people all over the word celebrate the world Press Freedom day on the third of May yearly. Palestinian journalists are still suffering from violations and aggression which are extreme violation to all human rights laws and the basic principles for media freedom whether by the Israeli occupation forces or the security services of Palestinian authority in West Bank and Gaza strip. There are 26 journalists are still suffering inside the Israeli occupation prisons on the basis their journalists work.

Gaza centre for media freedom alerts to the danger of continuing the  violations by the Israeli occupation against media in Palestine,  and to the necessity to collaborate all efforts of the human rights organizations to expose these violations and  the media freedom in Palestine should be highlighted.


Gaza centre for media freedom finds that this day is a suitable opportunity to the immediate act to guarantee the investigation of the crimes against media freedom quickly and accurately that ensure the promotion of the basic principles for media freedom, and re assess media freedom status in Palestine and Arab community with all means which provided by the international law and Palestinian laws , to defend journalist and their institutions to guarantee a better future for media freedom in Palestine.

On the other hand, the centre calls the Palestinian government and the security services in West bank and Gaza Strip to cease any of violations against the journalists, and to cease arresting, detention, and prosecution policy for the journalists and social media activists on the basis to their activities which do not contravene with the basic principles of media, and provide  a suitable environment for media freedom in Palestine .



The following table shows the details of the Israeli violation according to the type of violation:

Type of violation




Summoning and arresting


Extending and delaying detention


Delaying trial


Prison sentence


Imprisonment and a fine


Solitary confinement


Injuries or aggressions




Damaging and confiscating equipments


Prevention of coverage, travel or attending sessions


Deleting pages and accounts on social media


Depriving  from work







                                                                                                     The following table shows  the details of Palestinian violation since the beginning of 2017


Type of violation









Subjected to torture


Delaying trail 


Extending detention


Injuries or aggression


Confiscating copies of novel






 list of detained journalists in the Israeli prisons as follows :





 the prisoner journalist Mahmoud Isaa

He was detained on 3/6/1993, he is considered as the oldest detained prisoners before Oslo convention.

The occupation subjected him to three life sentence and 45 year in prison. He was a reporter to "sot al Haq and al Horya newspaper" and it’s director, and it is one of Palestinian newspapers which are published inside the occupied Palestinian territories.


 the prisoner journalist Salah Awad

He was detained in 12/4/2011 and was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Salah was the chairman of media department in the Palestinian prisoner club. He is from Nablus.


the prisoner journalist Ahmed Al Sefi

He was detained on 19/8/2009 as soon as he studied one year in Berzait University but he could not complete his dream because he was sentenced to 19 years in prison.


the prisoner journalist Mohammed Aseda

He was detained on 15/10/2015. He is from Nablus, he got his bachelor degree in media in from Al Najah university. He was sentence to 18 months in prison, and the occupation detained him again after 6 months of his release.


 the prisoner journalist Homam Al Atali

He was detained on 8/12/2015, he was a student at Al Najah university but he could not graduate because the several detention of him. He is from Tulkarem.


the prisoner journalist Samer Abu Isha

He was detained on 6/1/2016. He is an activist. the occupation sentenced him to 20 months in prison under the charge incitement to violence. He was arrested inside the Red Cross institution in Sheikh Jarah in Jerusalem.


 the prisoner journalist Ibrahem Abu Safia

He was detained on 28/9/2016 in his last semester at Berzait university. His detention was extended three times till the occupation court "Ofer" sentenced him to 9 month in prison. He is from Ramallah.


 the prisoner journalist Saleh Al Zaghari

He was detained on 8/2/2017. He is a photographer and a freshmen in making films department. Occupation forces attacked him by beating and sentenced him to 8 months in prison


 the prisoner journalist Hassan Al Safadi

He was detained on 1/5/2016. He is a media co- ordinate in " Al Damer institution for prisoners care". The occupation court extended his detention twice for 4 months without any charge. He is from Jerusalem.


 the prisoner journalist Mohammed Al Qodomi

He was detained on 14/1/2016 . he is a journalist in Berzait centre for research, and he was sentenced to administrative detention without any charge.


the prisoner journalist Nedal Abu Aker

He was detained on 9/8/2016. He is the director of Al Wehda Radio, and he presented programs in the prison about prisoners life inside the occupation prisons. His administrative detention was extended to six months for the second time on 31/1/2017. He is from Bethlehem .


the prisoner journalist Osama Shaheen

He was detained on 1/9/2016. He is a director of "Palestinian prisoners Centre" he had a administrative detention on 20/9/2017 for four months and it was extended to 30/12/2016 without any charge, it was extended again on 23/4/2017 for four weeks. He is from Al Khalil .


the prisoner journalist Mohammed Al Qeeq

He was detained on 15/1/2017. He is a reporter for the Soudi Satellite Al Majd . He had a administrative detention for three months. Al Qeeq was under a hunger strike for 33 days. He has a master degree from Berzait university , and he is a father to tow sons.



the prisoner journalist Hossam Hantash

He was detained on 15/2/2017. He works with several national media .


the patient prisoner journalist Bassam Al Saieh

He was detained on 8/10/2015 during his attendance to his wife trail "she is a released prisoner". Al Saieh suffers from bone cancer , leukemia ,lung infections, 80 % of heart failure , and other health problems.


 the prisoner journalist Ahmed Drawish

He was detained on 31/8/2016. He is a director of Snabel Radio. His detention was extended for several times without any reason. He is from Al Khalil.


the prisoner journalist Mohammed Al Sous

He was detained on 31/8/2016. He is a broadcaster in Snabel Radio . Occupation court extended his detention more than one time for no reason. He is from Al Khalil.


the prisoner journalist Nedal Amer

He was detained on 31/8/2016. He is a reporter in Snabel Radio. His detention was extended more than one time without any reasons . He is from Al Khalil.


the prisoner journalist Montaser Nassar

He was detained on 31/8/2016. He is a broadcaster  in Snabel Radio. His detention was extended more than one time without any reasons . He is from Al Khalil.


the prisoner journalist Hamed Namora

He was detained on 31/8/2016. He is a broadcaster  in Snabel Radio. His detention was extended more than one time without any reasons, according to his lawyer he had 15 trail session ,every 40 days they renewed the date of trail . He is from Al Khalil.


the prisoner journalist Abd Allah Shatat

He was detained on 26/2/2017 after Israeli occupation forces broke through his house. He is an activist in the prisoners issue, and he is a released prisoner from Salfet.


the prisoner journalist Mosaab Saed

He was detained on 12/3/2017. He is an activist in prisoners issue and a released prisoner. He is married and has two daughters. He is from Berzait- Ramallah .


the prisoner journalist Mohammed Al Batrokh

He was detained on 7/3/2017. He is a reporter for "Ahdath Palestine network" and" Mebar Al Quds" . Occupation court renewed his detention five times under the charge "incitement ". he is from Jerusalem.


the prisoner journalist Asem Mustafa Al Shannar

He was detained on 14/3/2017, he is 20 years old a student at Al Najah university.


the prisoner journalist Yusif Shalbi

 He was detained on 23/3/2017 after the Israeli occupation forces had broken through his house. He graduated from Arab American university. He is from Tulkarem.


 the prisoner journalist Ayub Mazoz Sowan

He was detained on 26/3/2017. He worked in one of lybian satellites . He is from Amatin east of Qalqilia .



The details of violations for April 2017 as follows:

Israeli violation

1/4/2017: Israeli occupation forces injured the journalist Bashar Saleh the photographer of Palestine TV by a rubber bullet in his leg while he was covering  a march in Kafr Al Qodom village.

3/4/2017: Israeli occupation authorities provided an incitement list against the journalist Mohammed Al Qeeq after he had under hunger strike for 33 days refusing hid administrative detention.

5/4/2017: Israeli occupation court summoned the journalist  Allaa Al Teeti and Mustafa Khawaja from Al Aqsa satellite, to be tried and their trial delayed to 11/7/2017.

6/4/2017: Israeli occupation authorities prevented the journalist Omar Nazal from travel for one year without knowing the reasons.

7/4/2017: Israeli  occupation authorities banned the writer and academician Bilal Al Shobaki from travel to participate in a conference in Netherland.

9/4/2017: Israeli occupation forces released the journalist Thamer Sbana by a monetary fine after six months of administrative detention.

10/4/2017: Facebook administration blocked the page of Arab Alan Agency editor "the journalist Ibrahim Abu Shar” on the argument in contravening dissemination standard.

11/4/2017: Israeli occupation forces arrested the photographer of Wafa Agency" Mashour Al Wahwah  and the photographer of Palestine TV Thaer Faqosa while they are covering news  in Al Khalil.

17/4/2017: Israeli occupation forces broke through three libraries : Al Israa library, Hossam Nasser library, and Mohammed cultural library, on the argument in support the tourism.

20/4/2017: Israeli occupation forces threw tear gaz bombs toward number of journalists, while they were covering a solidarity march with the prisoners who are in a hunger strike.

21/4/2017: Israeli occupation forces injured the reporter of Palestine TV in Qalqilia  Anal Al Jadaa by a gaz bomb in his leg while his coverage to march  against the settlement in Kafr Al Qodom.

23/4/2017: Israeli occupation court for the third time  renewed the administrative detention for the journalist Osama Shaheen for four months .

26/4/2017: Israeli occupation authorities banned the writer and the journalist Hesham Saqallah to travel to Jerusalem to get treatment there.

29/4/2017: Israeli occupation forces attacked a number of journalists in Jerusalem on Saturday afternoon, while their coverage to stood in a solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners who are in hunger strike inside  the occupation prisons. The journalists are: Dyala Juejan, Sinan Abu Mezer, Mahmoud Ilyan, Nawal Hijazi, Ahmed Ghrabla , Ammar Awad, Iyad Al Tawil, Maysaa Abu ghazal,  Ali yassen, Mustafa Al Kharof, Rami Al khateb, rajae Al Khateb, and Roz Al  Rozo.






Palestinian violation


4/4/2017: a Hamas policeman fired a bullet toward the journalist A’hed Al Abadi from Gaza, while he was filming the process of demolishing number of houses including his house in  Alameriky neighborhood, on the argument to not own license for the houses.

9/4/2017: security services in Al Beirah detained the reporter of Al Quds agency Braa Al Qadi for two days.

12/4/2017: security services in Ramallah summoned the journalist Iyad Al  Refai and they investigated with him for four hours.

25/4/2017: security services in Gaza detained the journalist Naser Abu foul and Ahmed Qdeh, the photographer Hazem Madi , and number of activists and journalists, after the ministry of interior had warned  to not publish any news could be not true and considered as rumors, and who publish any of these fake information will be arrested.

26/4/2017: the board of directors of AL Shab Radio suspended the journalist Mahmoud Al Louh from work without prior warning, and he works as a reporter and radio caster.

29/4/2017: security services in Gaza strip detained the activist Amer Balosha from Al Fakhora north of the Strip without knowing the reasons of detention.