52 Israeli and Palestinian violations during May

52 Israeli and Palestinian violations during May


Gaza centre(1/6/2017) The violations against the journalists in the Palestinian territories continued in the same rate of the latest month that had recorded 48 violations. Gaza centre for media freedom recorded 52 violations, 39 violations were committed by Israeli occupation forces and 13 violations by the Palestinian parties in West Bank and Gaza strip.


Israeli violations during May 2017

1/5/2017:Israeli occupation court delayed the trial of the journalist Mohammed Al Batrokh the reporter of "Ahdath Felistine Network" for the sixth time respectively, he was detained on the charge of publishing posts the incitement to violation and terrorism on his Facebook page.

1/5/2017: Israeli occupation authorities banned the journalist Allaa Abu Aisha from travel to receive the Arabian journalist award of the year 2016.

2/5/2017: Israeli occupation authorities refused appeal of the continuing of Mohammed Al Qeeq detention and stalling of his treatment although he suffers from stomachache and headache.

3/5/2017: Israeli occupation  forces arrested the journalists Ashraf Al Nebali the photographer of Roya channel and Rami Al Aralia the photographer of Akhbar Al Quds for few hours.

4/5/2017: Israeli occupation forces injured five journalists during a suppression of peaceful march north of Bethlehem  in solidarity with the prisoners and claiming to get the martyrs bodies back. The journalists are: Safia Omar the photographer of the European Agency EPA, Abd Al Hafeeth Hashlamon, Iyad Hamad the photographer of AP agency, Samer Hamad the photographer of "Pal Media", and Mosab Shawer the photographer of "Al Quds Network".

5/5/2017: Israeli occupation forces injured the journalist Nedal Ishteh the photographer of "Chenkho Agency" by a gas bomb in his back while his coverage to a march against the settlement in Kafer Al Qodom.

5/5/2017: Israeli occupation forces injured the journalist Mosa Al Shar from AFP Agency by a tear gas bomb while his coverage to a march in solidarity with prisoners north of Bethlehem.

7/5/2017: Israeli occupation forces attacked the journalist Saed Aiash house in Swedeh district in Salwan village , but he was in Al Maqased Hospital because he was indisposed.

8/5/2017: Israeli occupation forces arrested the journalist Saed Aiash after he left the hospital and they investigate with him for five hours  accused "visiting a hostile country and communicating with foreign traitor, due to his visit to Lebanon before months.

9/5/2017: Israeli occupation authorities imposed on the journalist Homam Hantash a monetary fine and prevented the visit for him for two months because of his hunger strike with the prisoners who are in hunger strike.

9/5/2017: Israeli occupation authorities banned the journalist Omar Nazal the  member of union of journalists from traveling to represent the Palestinian Journalists in the Conference of the Union of European journalists, in the Romanian capital Bucharest.

9/5/2017: Large Israeli occupation armed forces attacked the journalist Mohammed Al Qeeq father house and damaged its contents.

12/5/2017: Israeli occupation forces arrested the journalist Lama Ghosha for four hours and imposed on her  a house arrest for five days after they released her by paying bail 5000 sheckel.

14/5/2017: Israeli occupation forces detained the politician writer Ahmed Qtamesh from his house in Al Berah without knowing the reason of detention.

15/5/2017:Israeli occupation authorities send the journalist Mohammed Al Qeeq who is in hunger strike for 12 days from Ashkelon prison to Ohlikidar prison.

16/5/2017: Israeli occupation forces attacked the journalist  Jafer Ishteh the photographer of French Agency by beating  and detained him around three hours while his coverage to march in solidarity with the prisoners who are in hunger strike and denounce to close the roads in Nablus that lead to Shafi Sharmon settlement .

17/5/2017: Israeli occupation forces detained the journalist Ahmed Al Safadi the director of Iliya institution while his coverage to the prisoners parents who stood in solidarity in Jerusalem, then they released him by paying bail 1500 shekel and house arrest for one week and prevention of coverage for three months.

18/5/2017: Israeli settler fired a live bullet toward the journalist Majdi Ishteh and he was injured in his arm and chest, while his coverage to the incidents in Hawara south of Nablus.

19/5/2017: Israeli occupation forces targeted the vehicles of the photographing staff of Falastine Alyaum channel by tear gas bomb and the journalist Amoon El Sheikh and  they were injured by chocking, while her coverage to the clashes in the entrance of Beit Dajan east of Nablus.

25/5/2017: Israeli occupation forces attacked the printing press "why print" and confiscated its equipments from printing on the charge of incitement, and the price of the confiscated devices about 20 000 dollars.







Palestinian violations during May 2017

4/5/2017: Two unknown gunmen fired the famous Palestinian poet and writer Ilham Abu Thaher then they fled from the scene by their motorbike in Gaza city, and she subjected to repeated threaten  of murder via telephone and social media  by unknown because of her recent writing about the politics and the corruption.

7/5/2017: security services   attacked the journalist Ikram Abu Isha house  in Nablus, and they confiscated both of her cell phone and her laptop accused her of having illegitimate  materials.

7/5/2017: security services in Gaza strip arrested the journalist Abuallah Miqdad for more than two hours during his return from interview in the central of Al Glaa street in Gaza.

16/5/2017: security services  in Bethlehem arrested the journalist Ghassan Njajra the reporter of Al Quds Network , and they investigated with him about his work and his participation in  the prisoners tents then they released him after one day.

14/5/2017: security services  in Ramallah arrested the photographer of the American Agency "AP" the journalist Majdi Ishteh and Nasser Al Shukhi for half an hour, and they confiscated their cameras and identity cards, and they confiscated the journalist Fakhri Abd Rabu camera while his coverage to the prevention of the security to mothers and families of the prisoners from entering the tomb of the president Abu Ammar.

28/5/2017: security services in Salfit detained the journalist and the writer Walid Khalid the former director of the office of Palestine newspaper in West Bank, and he is a released prisoner who spent 15 year inside the occupation prisons and he was detained  several times by the authority services .

29/5/2017: security services in Hebrew detained the journalist Mosab Qafisha from "Al  Quda Network" after his summon to the interview .

29/5/2017: security services in Bethlehem detained the journalist Qutiba Qasem after his summon to the interview , and he is a released prisoner who spent 4 years inside the occupation prisons and was detained several times by the authority services.



 Gaza Center for Media Freedom reaffirms its commitment to documenting all forms of violations against media freedom and the  journalists in Palestine, especially the ongoing violations of the Israeli authorities, condemns all violations and abuses against journalists and media institutions. Gaza Center for Media Freedom greatly concern about the continuing and escalating violations of the Israeli occupation which is considered as real danger for the   journalists and their lives and the freedom of movement and work.



The centre  requires from all Palestinians, international human rights organizations and media institutions to act effectively and seriously  in order to stop targeting policy, prosecution and violations against journalists. Gaza Center  also calls upon The international community to intervene immediately and put pressure on the occupation in order to stop their violations against journalists and media organizations in Palestine, and calls for the immediate release of all detained journalists and stop the summons and the illegal  investigation. Gaza Center reminds the necessity to respect all conventions of media freedom and respect and apply Article (19) of the International Declaration of Human Rights.

Gaza Center  always  seeks to promote the right to free media  in Palestine, and to  reaffirms its commitment to the defense of the rights of journalists and standing committee for the development of capacities  and the professional performance  for the  Palestinian journalists, and  to support the Palestinian media institutions . The Center is independent and nonprofit works   for the freedom of media in Palestine.