The charge of "misuse of technology'' Increase the arrests of journalists in the West Bank and Gaza



Gaza: Ola Al-Za'noun

This morning in Gaza (9-7-2017) The Attorney-General of Ramallah decided to release the journalist Jihad Barakat on  financial bail, With the guarantee of the place of residence after a detention for four days.

the director of the Palestine today channel in West Bank, Farouk Alian, confirmed today for “Doha Center for Media Freedom'' that  Jihad the reporter of the channel  was arrested after accusing him with charge of  (being in a suspicious place)” and taking photo for the  procession of the Prime Minister Rami Hamed Allah in Tulkarem, West Bank.

Where Jihad was close to the procession, that was passing through an Israeli military barrier  in the area.   

Public prosecution directed to him charge of ''Being in a suspicious place'', and ordered to extend his arrest for 48 hour up to complete the investigations, Attorney general decided to release him on financial bail today guaranteed on his place of residence''.

The incident of Barakat  turn to be Moot case through through social media, where journalists condemned his arrest and protest  in front of the seat of council of ministers in Ramallah, calling  ''Where is Jihad''.

Ridicule and condemnation

With context of Jihad incident, the reporter Nawaf Al Amer  from Nablus wrote on his page on ''Facebook'', “ when dozens have taken photos for  Dr. Rami Hamed Allah while he was refusing the actions of Isreali soliders to prevent his passage  On the door of Tirmseiah, they considered it as a pride attitude but now this action of the jihad deserve an arresting for him … what's wrong with you how do you judge…'', he added:'' Freedom for colleague Jihad Barakat …we are all Jihad''.

He added:'' the arrest of Barakat  increases his attendance, and the decision of arresting him reveal  the government's stupidity and increases the violations against media freedom”. Preventive security services In Petunia had been banned  Barakat's family to visit him, also got an argument with members on the seat, they were allowed to call him without interview him .

 the reporter Abed Abu Shrakh from Gaza wrote on his page on ''Facebook '' Has the procession of the prime ministers become in the West Bank at the Israel barrier embarrassing of law to the extent of arrest who is picturing him??? So the presence of law  under the occupation it is defective and shameful. Where is Jihad

In the same context Abu Shrakh wrote to the gentlemen in  the Hamas government ''Gaza''

The charge of misuse of technology exist in United State legislation since 2002 it is intended legislation to prosecute hackers, site thieves and bank accounts.. but your understanding for this charge to fabricate it for those exercise freedom of criticism and speech on social media it is totally misplaced! And the God of the intent behind…

#Freedom_ for Amer_Balousha

where  violations continued in West Bank and Gaza, where the detention of the journalist Ahmed al-Khatib al-Aqsa TV photographer was extended for 15 day, in the charge of ''Received his salary from Gaza'', he has been detained since 1-7-2017

members of the internal security arrested  Amer Awni Balousha (24 year) from Biet Lahia North of Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning  4-7-2017, Balosha used to criticized  Hamas and Gaza government, where he was accused with ''misuse of technology''.

Balousha's arrest comes as a result to add him to others held by security in Gaza including Fouad Jarada, a Palestinian TV correspondent who was arrested before a month without knowing the charge against him.

The journalist Hajar Harb wrote on her page on ''Facebook'' if you judge Amer Balousha in the charge of misuse of technology so how we can judge you about the misuse of law?

Mohammed Altar wrote that the optimum is to execute those who abuse the mind not to imprison those who misuse technology as you say…!!