Dozens of journalists were injured in a confrontation with Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem

Dozens of journalists were injured in a confrontation with Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem

The Palestinian journalists in the line of fire

Jerusalem (23-7-2017) the Palestinian journalists used to sacrifices their souls and bodies to transfer the truth, as usual occupation forces premeditated to target the journalists’ camera and pens in events of "Angry for Al-Aqsa'' .

Gaza  Centre For Media Freedom observed those violations with the names of the injured journalists : the photographer Sinan Abu Mezer , from '' Reuters'' agency, Afif Amira the photographer of Palestinian News Agency ‘’Wafa’’, Sherine Younes the reporter of Sky News Arabia , Mohamed Lahham working with freedom committee in the union, Mirna Atrash the reporter of Maan News Agency , Mashhur  Alwahwah the photographer of ‘’Wafa’’ Agency in Hebron , Fawzi Shobaki , Sherine Naguib , Ahmed Gharabli , Bayan Aljaeba and Islam Al – Zaanoun.

The photographer of ‘’French’’ agency, Ahmed Gharabli said while we covering the events in Saturday on 22-7-2017 at Bab Al Asbat in Jerusalem , journalists were attacked with gas bombs, which led to my injury with a fragment of a gas bomb in the head. 

Direct Diathesis                                                 

The photographer Sinan Abu Mezer said that he was targeted directly and injured in the head when he was closed to Bab Al Asbat street during his covering for the event, where the Israeli soldiers were chasing a young man last Thursday night. Where the occupation forces members attacked the young man, then they beat Abu Mezer with batons and hit him on his head.

 Abu Mezer said that he bled heavily , he felt a great pain and a field ambulance crew examined his injury, where it was a deep wound, he went to the hospital where the wound required seven stitches and the injury described as moderate.

Abu Mezer pointed out that assault documented through his cameras, the policeman who beat him appeared in the video, where it will be a session in the coming days after he recovered with managing work to try to take legal procedures, note that the law is not on the side of the Palestinian journalist.

The TV Reporter ’’Palestine in Gaza’’  Islam  Al –Zaanoun said  for Gaza Center for Media Freedom’’ that during her coverage and while she eas making interviews with some young men ,50 meters away from Gaza strip border in Friday on 21-7-2017, gas bombs were thrown at Palestine TV crew , Three bombs against my colleague Mohammed Nassar, Which resulted in severe suffocation to me and my colleague.

Curbing by shoot

Afif Amira the photographer of ‘Wafa’ Agency said “After the end of Friday prayers in Ras al-Amud  neighborhood area  in Jerusalem, , the occupation forces suppressed the worshipers by launching a barrage of sound bombs, rubber bullets and tear gas , ''I wore the helmet only without a flak jacket, I could not except an incident like this''.

Afif  tells what happened with him, where a bomb was thrown at him and the helmet fell and he felt in pain in his chest, where it was found that he was hit by a rubber bullet at the same moment of throwing a sound bomb toward him .

he continued : " I felt burns and a serve pain then they took me to AlMakkased hospital , but I couldn’t  go because of the occupation storming there , so they take me to a clinic and they found a wound on my chest .

Sherine Younis the reporter of sky news channel  said “ after the occupation forces attacked  the hospital  we went to it with the photographer Mohammed Abo Hodwan  and the IT broadcasting  Muammer  Yassin to confirm the violations at the injuries , doctors and the hospital were attacked also. We were bruised and wounded and they pulled us away by force to prevent us of covering what is happening”

After the funeral of Mohammed Abo Ghanam , the crew of  Palestine tv and the reporter of " Alahyat news " in Jerusalem were shot during broadcasting and they took them  away .

And the occupation forces deliberately prevent them to cover the prayers in Salah Al-deen street .


The Palestinian journalists' syndicate condemned  these violations and demanded the international federation of journalists to protect the journalists and their freedoms at work by forcing the occupation authorities to stop their violations .


The ministry of information considered these violations as a cover for the terrorism against the Palestinian people who sacrifice themselves for Al aqsa Mosque and  the holy places .


It also confirmed the journalists’ need for  international protection and it encouraged all the concerned associations to prevent the actions of Israeli Authorities against Palestinian journalists .