Journalists are in confrontation with Israeli violations

27/12/2017 (Gaza Strip) As usual Diala left her home morning to cover the protest against US President Donald Trump's declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, in Salah Aldeen Street, in the middle of Jerusalem city, despite the danger that could surrounded her.
"Get out of here, the Israeli solider shouted on us as journalists to dismiss from the area" Diala jwehan says to Gaza Center for media freedom by a phone call due to the difficulties to reach her face to face.
Diala from Jerusalem city working with Alhayat newspaper as a reporter. Jwehan faced number of Israeli violations incidents while preventing her to cover protests.
"After one minute of my coming I was standing to take photos for the protesters, when three soldiers bushed me, i fall down and got bruises over my body ". Diala adds
"The police horses step over my legs, I screamed out in pain, it was horrible moments wouldn't end ".
Diala continues" a policewoman came after that and she started to beat me so hard".
"She did that in purpose, she know that I am a journalist and she wants me with other journalists to leave".Diala adds
Diala was treated immediately by the medic crews who were at the place, she refused to go to hospital because she wants to continue her work in covering the protest.
Diala during her 19 years of work faced around 30 violations cases from the Israeli Authorities between scratches, gas bomb and rubber bullets.
Jwehan one of tenths of journalists who faced violations constantly from the IOF in Jerusalem and violations from another authorities in other Palestinian cities, where they were panned from covering news or travel and other were arrested or their cameras and equipment's were  confiscated.
Journalists in Gaza Strip, although they don't face the Israel forces but they also have their share in violations.  
"I went to cover the protests on the buffer zone east of khan younis city south of Gaza Strip, with another journalist" Amer Alkhateeb, 28 years told GC4MF.
"after we reach the place, we took number of photos and intend to leave when I a child was shot in his leg, then I felt something hit my leg, to discover later that I was hit by the shrapnel's of the bullet and my leg was bleeding". Amer continues
Amer adds after a moment of silence" it was hurting for sure, I am still in treatment, and the situation of my leg is not good".
Amer will not walk again as before, he will need a cane, and he is still young to face like this fate. In sorrow eyes he says " I will continue my mission, this injury will not obstruct me".  
Alkateeb is working as photographer for a production company, and this is his second injury where he got injured before two years in his hand while he was covering news.   
Iyad Hamad 60, years old assure what Jwehan and Amer said "we are facing a lot of pressures and incommoding from the Israeli forces".
 "They intend to bush us toward the protesters to prevent us to cover their violations, and because if they injured us they will alleged we are from civilians".
Iyad a cameraman working with AP in Bethlehem, used to cover news in hot areas, he covered the Egyptian revelation 2011, Gaza war 2014, and events that broke out in lebia and Algeria.
Hamd told (GC4MF) by a phone call "our coverage gives its positive affects towards the Palestinian case, people abroad now aware to what is happening in Palestine".
Iyad got number of rewards from many Arabian countries for his coverage, he assured that the difficulties and Israeli incommoding will not stop him from continuing his work.
He sued with the help of his agency the Israeli authority before for the violations he got constantly but unfortunately, his case was closed from the Israeli authority without any arguments.
Iyad considered as a lucky journalists because he is working in an international agency that can provide protection and help for him in any case he will face in conversely to any other journalists who works in local association or work as freelancer.
"Our mission as a Palestinian syndicate for journalism is to expose the violations of Israeli authorities against journalists". Shareef Alnyreeb a member in general secretariat at the Syndicate told Gaza Center for media freedom.
"We appreciate the work of journalists in covering the news, Although the violations they got from the Israeli Authorities". Alnerab adds.
Gaza Center for media freedom observed around 130 violations cases during the events that followed the declaration of the US president Trump as Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.
Nagham Mohanna