Palestinian Photographer's photos flying around the world instead of them


By Nagham Mohanna


15/1/2018 They may not be able to leave Palestine sometimes but their work and photos did.

The Palestinian photographers are the only one among the journalists who can spread the reality of life in Palestine easily to the world, taking this responsibility in their shoulders

"It is not easy to work as a photographer in Gaza, where you are surrounding with risk even in the peaceful days, there is no safety for the photographers specially the one who doesn't have any cover or insurance such as the freelancer or photographers who work with local associations". Says Ezz, 26 surrounding with the smog of his cigarette.

A lot of destruction surrounding a Palestinian woman who holing an old suitcase above her head, heading to flee her neighborhood which was bombed by the Israeli tank in 2014 war. One of the Ezz's photos that show the humanitarian life of Gaza in a simple frame.

Mahmoud Alzanoun who known as Ezz started his journey when he was 15 years old, he went from being a young amateur to winning international prizes, Alzanoun published his photos that show the real Gaza in international magazines such as Washington post, "lemaond", the Guardian and Times.

"The international photo is different than the local one, but they meet in its humanity context" Ezz explains, adding "the strong photo reaches people immediately without marketing".

The strongest of the incidents results a strong photo that shortage a lot of words in one frame, the mission of the photographer is not essay and it doesn't depends only on the incidents and the camera, but it depends on the photographer's sense and eyes' angel.

"International media gives space for the photos that come from Gaza to highlight the social situation of Gaza, but the political conflict in Gaza reduced this concern and support for the Palestinian case". Ezz says

Ezz is one of photographers who live in the sieged strip that contains around 2 million people suffering from the deprivation of movement's right.

"I tried many time to leave Gaza, to participate in international galleries, and workshops, but unfortunately when you live in a sieged place all of your hopes and dreams gone with the wind". Adding "I am so happy that the internet is not sieged and we can send our photos instead of us".

The photographer faced with his/her lens the Israeli occupiers and expose their crimes, where they succeed to change the international public opinion.

Mohammed Albab a photographer in AFP from Gaza city covered the Egyptian revolution besides three wars in Gaza, explains that "the international agencies dealing neutrally with the photo, they have independent and parallel policy ".

Instagarm plays now a big role in spreading the photos abroad, it shortages many paths and roads for the amateurs and photographers by opening a small window to the world.

Arine Rinawi, The instagram star and photographer from Jerusalem known in her bravery says" the social media now playing a good role in publishing the photos abroad easily, it helped in spreading the awareness of the Palestinian case in good way".

Arine has around 128.000 followers, she takes photos for the daily life of the Palestinian cities in West Bank and Jerusalem.

"The social media helps in making a good connect between the international agencies and the Palestinian photographers" Areen adds

The world today appreciate the photos that are coming from Palestine, they published it in their important newspapers.

"I have worked with a number of Palestinian photographers and they have shown their ability to tell a story in single still image" the manager of "welcome to Palestine" Barcley Jenkins says.

"Photographers in Palestine play a vital role in raising awareness of the harsh reality of the brutal apartheid system into which many Palestinians have born". Jenkins adds.

Jenkis the British journalist who lives in oxford express his respect for the work of Palestinian journalists where they faced a lot of trouble and risk in their covering in order to transfer the reality to the world.

"The western world is affected by the Palestinian photos, it touches their hearts and shed their tears" Dr . Wajeh Abu Zarifa a researcher in political affairs, and a producer at an American channel says.

"The humanitarian photos are the most photos that take reaction in western world, and the Palestinian photographers succeeded in this domain, and win a lot of international prizes ". He adds

Palestinian photographers seek to spread their photos abroad taking in their responsibility the mission of reflecting the real life of their people, they succeed to reach the globalization from their lenses.